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What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) - Rhinoplasty Prices

Although the face is the most striking part of the human at first glance, this Correction of deformities in the region is quite aesthetically and psychologically is important. The development of techniques applied in the field of medicine and the discovery of innovative methods Nose surgery operations performed thanks to the can be performed as simpler operations.

Nasal aesthetic applications, called rhinoplasty, are both aesthetic and It can be an important requirement in terms of both expectations and health. shape in the region As a result of the elimination of the disorders related to the nose structure, the person can breathe in a healthier way and have the nose that he wants. it could be.

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What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

"What is rhinoplasty?" The question is being researched by many. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery operation performed by making changes in the bone and cartilage structures of the nose shape in this structure. "What is rhinoplasty?", "What are the prices of rhinoplasty?", "What are the things to consider after rhinoplasty?" You can read the rest of our article to find answers to questions such as:

Nasal aesthetics, also called nasoplasty and rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operations. It is performed in order to eliminate the deformities of the nose that are congenital, occur later or occur due to trauma. While deformity can be corrected in some cases only because it causes visual discomfort, it may also need to be corrected because it causes problems such as respiratory disorders in most people.

Why is Doctor Selection Important in Nose Aesthetics Operation?

Regardless of the reason for which a rhinoplasty operation will be performed, the primary goal is to make the nasal airway work optimally at the end of the operation. During the operation, one or more of the operations of reshaping the nose (reconstruction), removing deformities or changing the shape of a part of it can be applied.

In people considering rhinoplasty, whether the nasal tissues are suitable for aesthetic operation should be checked during the examination to be performed by the surgeon. Because the slightest intervention has very obvious results , nose surgery must be performed by a surgeon who is specialized in the field. The surgeon's expertise, experience in this field and the total number of operations can change the prices of rhinoplasty.

How Is Nose Surgery Performed?

In nose surgeries, the pre-operative period is as important as the operation itself. In interviews with the physician, it is first evaluated whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the aesthetic operation. At the same time, the physician and the patient should be able to fully explain their expectations and possible results through mutual exchange of ideas.

The physician evaluates the medical history of the patient to be operated on, his/her illness and current medications. In the presence of health problems that may cause excessive bleeding, such as hemophilia, cosmetic nose surgery may not be appropriate.

In the physical examination performed by the physician after taking the medical history, the patient's nasal skin, internal and external structures are examined and changes to be made are planned. Physicians may also refer to various blood analyzes and biochemical laboratory tests to decide the suitability of the patient before surgery.

How Many Days Will Nose Surgery Heal?

Although the recovery time in patients who underwent nose surgery varies according to the size of the operation, patients can usually get up and walk around within 4-6 hours, and eat after 6 hours if there is no nausea and vomiting. How many days do most patients recover from nose surgery? He wonders the answers to questions such as how many days can he return to normal life. In some cases, patients are discharged on the same day, and sometimes they are discharged the next day after being kept under observation (observation) for 1 night. At the end of the surgery, tampons are usually placed in the nose. These tampons are removed 1-2 days later, and the mold placed on the back of the nose is removed approximately 1 week after the operation.

Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) Prices 2023

Many people are wondering about the current status of rhinoplasty prices. It is not possible to say anything definite about the prices of rhinoplasty without consulting a specialist doctor and considering whether the patient is suitable for the operation and medical necessity. Rhinoplasty prices vary according to the medical center where the operation is performed and the experience of the doctor in this field. If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your nose, if you have problems with breathing or if you think that there is a structural disorder in your nose, you can get detailed information about the process by applying to specialist physicians.

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