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Penis Enlargement Surgery

In recent years, genital mutilation among both men and women who are sexually active There is an increase in plastic surgery operations. The most frequently requested surgery among men surgeries include penis enlargement surgeries.

Penis enlargement surgeries generally increase the length and diameter of the penis. in the form of thickening. In this article, I will share my experience I will talk about penis enlargement surgery with experiences and current literature.

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What is a normal penis size?

Normal penis length is defined as the length between the lowest tip of the penis and the pubic bone (pelvis) when stretched. bone) is found by measuring the length between the part where it attaches. Penis diameter or thickness is measured with a tape measure in the middle of the penis shaft.

Penis size varies by race and from person to person. African men average penis size in an adult male is 15-18 cm in erection, European 13-15 cm in men and Turks and around 10 cm in Asian men.

What is a micropenis?

Estimating the length of the penis in erection compared to its normal size may not always be correct. If the penis is 13 cm or longer when erect is normal in size. If it is 7.5 cm or less when erect, it is then you have a micro penis. A micropenis occurs in 6 out of 1000 men.

What is penis enlargement surgery?

Penis enlargement surgeries are surgical operations performed to make the penis bigger. are attempts. Men often believe that their penis is too small or to have this surgery because they believe that it is not big enough to make their partner happy. they want. Penis enlargement surgery for penis lengthening and thickening in diameter is a combined surgery. It is performed in the same session.

Head of the penis in penis enlargement surgeries enlarged?

No, the head of the penis (glans penis) is not enlarged in penis enlargement surgery. The head There are those who inject synthetic fillers into the penis, but we do not do this procedure. This application may damage the head of the penis, there is no scientific basis for this.

Who can undergo penis enlargement surgery?

In medical terms, penis enlargement surgeries are very rarely necessary. Penis enlargement penis sizes in a large part of men who apply to the urologist for surgery is normal.

This is also our own observations. This being the case, today's sexually active In recent years, there has been a growing interest among young men in penis enlargement surgery. there is a desire. Penis enlargement surgery is necessary in the following cases:

There are 2 purposes of surgery in patients with micropenis or buried penis disease: o To enable the person to urinate normally while standing o Allowing the penis to enter the vagina during sexual intercourse

  • Micro penis: In medical terms penis enlargement surgery is necessary when the penis is too small ( small penis, micropenis) or buried penis. Micropenis is a very is a congenital disease of small size. Embedded penis periphery means a penis hidden in structures. Buried penises are visible from the outside They are small in size and it is possible to enlarge them surgically.
  • Penis dysmorphophobia: In some people, some organs of their body are sick or deficient of the body. This is called general body dysmorphism. Some people also have there is an obsession with having a disease in their penis. These people actually have the penis is normal. The person can urinate standing up and has normal intercourse. but they want a longer and thicker penis. If this the situation disturbs the person psychologically, causes family problems, erection If it causes problems, surgery is needed.
  • Small penis anxiety: Although the urologist says that the penis is normal on examination, some people they think their penis is smaller than normal. Over time, this can lead to chronic and negatively affects one's mood. This is called "small penis anxiety". In these patients, there is no medical need for surgery. then surgery can be performed.

What should be done before surgery?

Penis enlargement surgeries are performed under general or spinal anesthesia and in the operating room conditions. The operation takes about 2 hours on average.

These patients undergo a general evaluation before surgery:

  • Hastaların yaşam tarzları sorgulanmalıdır: alkol, sigara ve kronik ilaç alışkanlıkları etc.
  • Routine tests: For anesthesia routine examinations are performed as in other surgeries
  • Psychological evaluation: to assess the mental health of patients in patients who are in need psychiatric consultation is requested. All risks are explained to the patient and appropriate patients are taken to surgery.
  • Medications used: Blood diluents, drugs that will affect anesthesia, etc... must be asked and blood anticoagulants should be discontinued one week before surgery.
  • Chronic diseases: Diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, etc. are investigated
  • Previous operations: Thisprevious surgeries that will affect the surgery pelvic operations, penile operations etc... should be asked.

What are penis enlargement surgery methods?

Different surgical methods are used for penis enlargement and thickening. Generally, lengthening and thickening surgeries are performed in the same session. In this way both lengthening and thickening of the penis is achieved. We perform both surgeries at the same time. we are doing it right now.

What should be considered after surgery?

Patients start taking liquid food by mouth 4-5 hours after surgery. Pain painkillers for pain and intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis against infection is applied:

  • Patients are hospitalized for one day after surgery they stay
  • Intraoperative catheter inserted the next day withdrawn
  • Penis bandage stays on for 1 week
  • Painkillers and prophylactic antibiotics for patients starts
  • Sexual intercourse 6 weeks after surgery is entered.

Penis enlargement with non-surgical methods

Penis enlargement procedures have also been tried without surgery. These procedures can be performed by Use without the advice of a Urologist can be dangerous. Without a doctor's recommendation and Products such as creams, pills, etc. that are not approved by the Ministry of Health and not sold in pharmacies should never be used.

Especially products sold on the internet with unclear content use can lead to serious problems. There are no penis extenders or There is no herbal or similar product that thickens the skin.

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