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What is an implant? To whom is dental implant treatment applied?

Rapidly developing technology is most beneficial to modern medicine. Dentist In recent years, it has had its share of this. In this article, modern dentistry We wanted to touch on the treatment methods used in medicine.

Missing teeth cause both health and cosmetic problems. developing Technology has also benefited dentistry. Traditionally used bridge and prosthesis As an alternative, implant dental treatment was developed. So what is an implant, implant treatment How and for whom?

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What is an implant?

Implant is used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed in the jawbone. Screws made of titanium. A dental prosthesis is placed on these screws. The advantage of implant treatment over other treatments is that neighboring teeth are not damaged. Well adjacent teeth do not need to be cut. The implant acts as the root of the tooth and acts like a natural tooth. You can easily eat, talk and laugh. dental implant surgery, replacing tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and damaged or missing replace the teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real teeth includes a surgical procedure. Dental implants, poorly fitting dentures or bridges It can offer a pleasant alternative and therefore compared to methods such as traditional bridges. more preferred.

How is implant treatment done?

Implant treatment is done by giving the patient a light sedation. Detailed before the procedure examination and x-ray is required. Measurements of the jaw bones and remaining teeth are taken. There are two options for placing dental implants. In one-step process After the implant is placed, a temporary cap is attached. In the two-stage process After the dental implant is placed, it is covered with the gum and begins to heal. is left. Prosthetic heads are then attached. Either way, a temporary bridge It is placed and a healing period of 3 months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw is expected. Sometimes newly made teeth can be placed on dental implants immediately. dental With the implant, the patient can safely laugh and eat.

Zirconium implants are used to increase the resistance of implants made of titanium. They are new generation implants made. Durability, especially in narrow jawbone used to increase. It is no different from titanium except for durability.

Zirconium is also used in dental veneers. Zirconium to natural tooth It is near-white and reflects light. Therefore, besides durability, aesthetics is also useful. It does not corrode and does not leave a metal taste in the mouth. color over time no change occurs. There is no harm to the body.

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Braces application (Orthodontics)

Braces are used for teeth that have irregularity and crookedness due to various reasons. It consists of the bracket placed on it and the wire holding them. braces intermittent those with teeth, those with crooked teeth, those with bite disorders, fractures It is applied to teeth and those with overlapping teeth. Dental braces There is no specific age for treatment. Braces treatment takes approximately 18-24 months. takes. In severe jaw disorders, this treatment may take up to three years. Receiving braces treatment Patients can eat and drink anything except very sticky foods. However, cleaning they need to be very careful.

Tooth extraction and treatment

Pulling the gum under the enamel layer and exposing the tooth root considered as meat pulling. As it can be genetic, dental calculus, bad Veneers can occur as a result of hard and excessive brushing of the teeth. Gum Symptoms of withdrawal include bad breath, bleeding when brushing teeth, swelling of the gums and it's blushing. Gum recession can also lead to tooth loss.

Various filling techniques are used in the treatment of gingival recession. The tooth is completely can be coated. In advanced cases, surgical method is used. In the surgical method The healthy tissue in the surrounding area is shifted to the damaged area and the area with withdrawal is covered. or a graft taken from the palate is surgically added to the area of ​​retraction.

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Implant prices

Implant dental treatment, which is the most preferred dental treatment method, It is not possible to give exact price information about it. Dental implant prices are primarily according to the brand of implants to be applied, the tooth structure of the person and the number of missing teeth. varies. Implant brands are the same in terms of oral and dental health. Although they have functions, the raw material used, longevity and Due to the fact that they come from abroad, many implant prices are determined. difference may arise. The most accurate price information and questions in your mind You can get the answer by contacting our specialist dentists.

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