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What is Liposuction? Prices 2023

Regional slimming without weight problems such as obesity In people who have lubrication that cannot be removed by methods, the excess adipose tissue surgery to remove the body and give it a better shape methods are called Liposuction. Generally, liposuction liposuction, which is described as the most applied aesthetic one of the operations. This application is especially suitable for stubborn skin problems such as hips, hips, abdomen, waist, knees. It is applied to the areas where lubrication and regional excesses are seen.

Liposuction is generally made more fluid by various methods. thin and long cannulas of 2-3 mm in diameter through 1-2 mm incisions of adipose tissues It is applied in the form of vacuuming and removal using.

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Who can do liposuction?

As in every surgical operation, first of all, a specialist doctor's opinion in this procedure. required. Liposuction is not a weight loss method, it is only It is a method that provides regional thinning and body lines to become smoother. method. If you have a weight problem other than regional resistant lubrication First of all, you can reduce your excess weight by applying a controlled diet and sports program. to get rid of, then use this method for excess fat that does not go away with diet. It would be better for you to apply.

Liposuction does not have a systemic health problem, is pregnant or has just given birth It is a method that can be applied to anyone who is not. But heart disease, diabetes, etc. Before giving an indication for application to people with systemic health problems, it is absolutely necessary risk factors should be determined by applying a number of tests and necessary precautions should be taken.

Although age is not an obstacle to this application, It cannot be applied to some elderly patients.

What is the recovery period after liposuction?

After the operation, specially produced corsets should be used. This corsets are approximately 4 to 8 times depending on the amount of adipose tissue taken and the characteristics of the person. used during the week. Edema and bruises are expected to be seen and time this situation disappears. One week after the procedure, the stitches are removed and If there is no problem in the general condition of the patient after three weeks, work and daily life can return. You can return to normal exercises 3-4 weeks after the application.

Is liposuction done for sagging?

It should not be forgotten that you have to have this application lost weight again. It does not mean that you will not receive. to not gain weight again. It is very important to give importance to lifestyle, diet and exercise after the operation. If If there is frequent weight gain and loss, it is very possible for the application to be successful. will not.

If there are skin sagging in addition to regional excess fat, it can be removed with this method. sagging cannot be recovered. Abdominal wall sagging in women who have given birth Again, it cannot be removed with liposuction. Besides, this application It does not get rid of cellulite.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, is performed with diode laser application. It is a method of directly bursting the membranes of fat cells. Just like fat removal laser, which allows to get rid of regional excess fat, as in the methods of The liposuction method is also suitable for the skin, especially under the chin and facial area. It is effective in removing this looseness in areas where looseness can be seen. is used. In addition to these, people with sweating problems should be placed under the armpits. Excessive sweating can be prevented by applying laser liposuction.

What are the differences between Laser Lipolysis and Liposuction?

The main difference between laser liposuction and liposuction is the way the fat tissues are removed. In the liposuction method, the fat tissues are removed from the body by vacuuming through cannulas, while in the method called laser lipoluction or laser lipolysis, they are excreted through the urine. For this reason, direct liposuction application is preferred instead of laser liposuction method in cases where the fat tissue is too high to be excreted with urine.

Liposuction Prices 2023

Fat removal prices, which are called Liposuction in the medical language, vary according to the method applied and the area to be applied. In order to get information about Liposuction Prices 2023, you can come to our clinic and get answers to all your questions from our specialist doctors. When it comes to Liposuction Prices 2023, it is necessary to be examined in order to be able to say anything clearly. If you want to get information about Liposuction Prices 2023, fill out the form and our professional health consultants will reach you.

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