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What is the Golden Ratio in Facial Aesthetics?

The human brain always favors things that are proportional and symmetrical. perceives and their ideas become more positive. For people, it creates the opinions of the other party. One of the first factors is the face. When people see the person in front of them, they are involuntarily they create a perception. If what they see is close to the golden ratio, the perception will be more is considered positive. For this reason, the face, one of the most visible parts of the human body, is the first It is of great importance to the impression. The fact that the human face has the golden ratio only It can also affect the person to have more positive thoughts about himself. This For this reason, the golden ratio is also applied when performing facial aesthetic procedures.

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What is the Golden Ratio in Face Aesthetics?

The golden ratio to make the face more beautiful and pleasing to the eye during the facial aesthetic procedure can be taken into account. But although this is not a standard of beauty, people makes it more pleasant to perceive. For this reason, during facial aesthetics, golden ratios support can be obtained. There are some values ​​suitable for the golden ratio for the face. face length should be 1.618 times longer than its width. Short lengths in the face are large When proportional to the lengths, this value should be 1.618. As a result of this situation the distance from the top of the nose to the center of the lip, the middle of the lips to the chin should be 1.618 times the distance. For the eyes, place the lower eyelid at the top of the eyebrow. 1.618 times the distance from the upper eyelid to the hairline. requires. But the golden ratio does not represent a standard. golden ratio facial features aims to be in harmony with each other. Therefore, in facial aesthetics, more To achieve a proportional appearance, the golden ratio can be applied.

While evaluating the golden ratio in facial aesthetics, the mouth, eyes and nose are separated. It is not tried to be proportioned separately. The percentages of the change of which organ in the whole face are golden focuses on getting closer to the ratio. For example, only the nose of the person a change makes the face appear more proportional, turning it into the golden ratio. can approximate. In some cases, it is due to aging or due to reasons such as fatigue. As a result, the sagging on the face may also distract the person from the golden ratio. This In this case, procedures such as face lift or filler injection are the golden ratio on the person's face. helps to provide

Why is the Golden Ratio Important in Facial Aesthetics?

The golden ratio can be used to evaluate the human face. Because the human eye finds anything proportional more attractive. For this reason, the golden ratio in the facial features is also becomes important. The most acceptable form of this ratio is for people at many points. What matters is the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the width and length for the human face, the space between the eyes and the mouth, the distance between the eyes according to the width of the face, and It is based on some proportions between the nose and the lips. These ratios are to the number of Phi, i.e. The closer it gets to 1.618, the more proportional and positive the face becomes. gets. This ratio is mostly correct with the opening of the distance between the eyes and the mouth. grows proportionally. But increasing this gap can also cause disproportion. Face attractiveness is perceived outside of the person's consciousness and this situation is determined by facial proportion, symmetry and It is closely related to the skin structure. For this reason, the person simply puts himself outward more. does not apply this process to show attractive. He is more like the person he sees in the mirror. It also does it to see proportionally.

How to Perform Facial Aesthetics to Reach the Golden Ratio?

There is no golden ratio for a facelift. The percentage lines for the purpose become in line with the golden ratio. is to bring. Sometimes nose picking and eyebrows when this is possible with a filler possible with operations such as removal. Gold or reaching the person's location A ratio caliper can be used by the doctor for This caliper hospital is aesthetically pleasing. Helps him see the points he needs to change with At the same time, this caliper Thanks to this, the person will approach the golden ratio if it is changed in himself. can observe differences. Multiple to reach gold or prime in face fix action can be made. Under no circumstances is it as stable as nose extension, eyebrow protection. values ​​are not available. percent correction in accordance with the golden ratio expresses the living of organs with each other and face shape. Therefore, aesthetic While making, the parts that distort the gold percentage are traded. This operation is some It can be done with procedures or botox procedures.

If there is a disproportion between the width and length of the face, the filling The face width is brought to the desired length by applying the substances. distorting the face ratio If the point is due to the forehead length, the forehead height can be increased or the eyebrow With the lifting process, the forehead length is shortened. The disproportion of the lower face To remove it, procedures such as lip augmentation or chin augmentation are applied.

Golden Ratio Face Aesthetics Prices

Every person's facial features are different. Any standard in facial beauty Although it is not found, the golden ratio can be applied to make it pleasing to the eye. Various measurements and necessary points to ensure the golden ratio on the face of the person aesthetic procedures are required. The golden ratio facial aesthetics prices are therefore is affected by many factors. Golden ratio with a small filling on some faces However, some faces may require surgical procedures. or a single The golden ratio can be achieved with the transaction, or more than one transaction may be required. For this reason, prices depend on the number of transactions to be made on the person's face and the type of transactions. varies accordingly.

Is Golden Ratio Face Aesthetics Permanent?

In addition to the procedures to be done, the doctor who performed the procedures should also be informed about the price. has an effect. The importance of choosing a doctor who is an expert in his field is compatible with the golden ratio. It is of great importance in facial aesthetics. Because as a result of the measurements made, the slightest intervention with the aim of reaching the golden ratio. A doctor who is an expert in his field can calculate these calculations. By doing it right, it makes the person suitable for the golden ratio with the least intervention. Because The expertise of the doctor is another factor affecting the price. Others that affect the price The factor is the quality of the material used. The health institution where the procedures take place These processes must be done with technologically advanced and high quality materials. should perform. Otherwise, the desired result may not be achieved. All these factors The golden ratio affects the price obtained while having facial aesthetics, as well as its permanence. it also affects

The aesthetic procedures applied to reach the golden ratio must be done by the right people. should be carried out. Making a small mistake will result in a person's gold It may even cause it to deviate from the ratio. If you also have more facial features If you want to get a symmetrical look, create a golden ratio on your face. Make an appointment with professional health institutions to get information about you can create.

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