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Breast (Breast) Aesthetics-Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Lifting

Many different situations play a role in the preference of breast aesthetic operations. can play. After surgical treatment of breast cancer or for cosmetic reasons only Breast aesthetic operations can be applied to make the person feel better. Besides these; breast lift surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast Breast aesthetics can also be performed for many reasons such as breast augmentation, breast implants. This types of operations, how they are applied, the silicone breasts used and after Follow the rest of the article to get detailed information about what to pay attention to. you can.

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What Are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetic applications are performed with various techniques depending on the desired appearance. realizable. The purpose of these aesthetic operations is to enlarge the breasts or It can give a symmetrical appearance. Breast augmentation operations transfer of own fat tissue to the breast area or directly implanted can be done in the form of placement. In breast augmentation operations Implants placed between the muscles in the chest area or natural breast It can be placed in the back of the place where the tissue is located. This app is meme Provides one or more body growth in size. At the same time, the selection of implants It is also possible to prefer implants of various shapes. breast augmentation Although breast lift operations and breast lift operations are intertwined among the public Although there are terms used, they are actually completely different from each other. are concepts. Breast lift operations are cosmetic for sagging breasts. carried out in order to have a more positive outlook in terms of are procedures.

Breast Lift After Pregnancy

Breast lift surgery called mastopexy and reshaping it to gain a rounder and tighter appearance. is for purpose. In these operations, it is also possible to remove the extra skin from the breast. the colored area of ​​the ones above the nipple called areola. reduction can also be achieved. The use of breast silicone is also a breast lift. may be involved in surgery. Breast benefits with advancing age It is quite natural for some change in elasticity and firmness to occur. Breast lift surgery is preferred in this case. Pregnancy and breastfeeding structures such as the process or rapid weight loss, the structure structure of the breast is a team rosters are formed.In these changes in breast appearance, some In some cases, both mastopexy and breast augmentation can be applied together. In these operations, which are called breast lift with implants, breast increasing its size and straightening its appearance in the same operation is performed. Many people have a breast lift after pregnancy. She wonders if her surgeries have any effect on breastfeeding, but this It is known that operations do not interfere with breastfeeding. Therefore the chest Lifting surgery is preferred in many cases, especially after pregnancy. is done

How is Breast Aesthetics Performed?

Although breast aesthetics is considered to be relatively low risk, it is ultimately a It is a surgical operation and people do not have any question marks in their minds before. It is recommended to use this application without In the preoperative period, the surgeon implants that can be used to achieve desired breast sizes meet with the patient. How are the implants tried by placing inside the bra? an idea about how it feels and how it will look after the operation. is obtained. Breast as much as the question of how breast reduction surgery is done The question of what to do to enlarge is also wondered. All these are preferred breast The aesthetics varies depending on the nature of the operation. Breast aesthetics operations are performed under general anesthesia. Therefore The patient is asleep during the operation.Some simple operations are very common It can also be applied under local anaesthesia. silicone nipple One of the important points in operations and other breast aesthetic operations is the incision will be placed on which part of the breast. These incisions are the most common the regions are as follows:

  • Performed in the lower part of the breast inframammarian incision
  • Underarm transaxillary incisionn
  • Performed around the nipple periareolar incision

The type of incision preferred, the patient's anatomy, and the desired magnification may vary depending on various factors such as Therefore, patients should convey exactly what he wants and discuss every issue with his physicians and get the desired should take an active role in the acquisition of the image. Implant after incision placement, silicone breast formation, that is, breast augmentation performed The placement phase in operations can be carried out by two different methods:

  • Submuscular insertion, under the pectoral muscle refers to implant placement. In this type of implant placement technique, The healing process is longer and more painful.
  • Subglandular insertion of breast tissue Defines the placement of the implant behind it.

During the implant placement process, the surgical site is sutured with surgical sutures. is done. The incision line, which is evident at the beginning, regresses over time and solar. It is quite normal to have some edema after the operation. This is formed swelling usually disappears within 2 weeks.

How are Breast Augmentation Operations Performed?

Breast lift operations are different from breast augmentation operations. accomplished by technique. Which of these techniques will be used? It may vary depending on the size and how much the erection will be. Before the operation, physicians usually check whether you are using any medication. learners and may recommend discontinuing the use of blood thinners. Individuals who use tobacco can also experience this harmful effect approximately 1 month before the operation. They should not have continued their habits. Tobacco use, improvement in the body as it may change the operation result by affecting the processes negatively. must be conscious. Breast lift surgery for breast aesthetics, These are surgeries that consist of several stages. performed under general anesthesia breast lift surgery, the incision made around the areola, the lower parts of the breast until advanced. After the incision, the surgeon recommends lifting and reconstructing the breast. allows it to be shaped. Following the intervention, the surgeon moves the areola into the correct position. and provides the formation of a new breast appearance. Extra skin in the operation tissue is also removed, thus giving the breast a tighter appearance. is gained. After all these breast lift surgery applications, The incisions are closed with surgical sutures.

Breast (Breast) Aesthetic Prices 2023

For all these reasons, the prices of breast aesthetics applied, especially for women, It is wondered by many people. Breast aesthetics prices; chest silicone and the nature of the material to be used as a breast prosthesis, your doctor's from the clinic where the procedure will be performed, to the patient's condition, which breast It may vary depending on many parameters, up to the appropriateness of the surgery. Chest Determining a precise price for the aesthetics price will only be applied after the examination. possible after the transaction is clear.

You too; If you want to be one of the breast aesthetic operations that can have functions such as breast lift surgery, breast reduction, baby enlargement, breast lift and if you want to get information about whether these operations are suitable for you, you can get support from our specialist physicians by applying to our clinic.

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