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Body Aesthetics Prices 2023

Body Aesthetics; Nowadays, aging is the result of giving birth or gaining weight. increase in body fat, formation of excess skin and sagging due to excesses can be seen. Correction of such deformations All of the surgeries performed for the body are called body shaping surgery.

The inactivity brought by modern society is due to malnutrition and malnutrition. The increase in body deformations caused by increasing demand.

Today, due to many reasons, the increasing body image changes and The desire to approach perfection, on the other hand, makes body shaping surgeries more making it popular. It should not be forgotten that after body shaping surgeries, the body nutrition and living conditions in order to protect the changes that occur and to be long-term. A change in style is also necessary.

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How is body shaping done?

Body shaping surgeries have their own order. This The order may vary from person to person and according to patient needs. worldwide It is more common to start body shaping surgeries from the trunk area. method. The trunk area forms the basic area for surgeries.

Body surgeries are basically liposuction and stretching to the abdominal region. operations, breast surgeries, stretching and stretching to the back and waist area includes liposuction procedures. Body shaping on the torso area surgeries quickly change the patient's appearance.

In this way, both the quality of life and comfort of the patients increase, and the patients become more motivated for surgeries. In the first sessions, applied to the body area after shaping, to the arm and leg areas in other surgery sessions. surgeries can be done. In this order, according to the patient's priorities and needs changes can be made.

For example, finding clothes that have complaints about their arms or the weights on their arms. In patients who cannot use their arms adequately due to the use of their arms, the first session of the arm region is operated. can be included in it. Again, due to the weight and skin sagging in the patient's legs. to include the legs in the first surgical session if he cannot move enough due to It will increase the patient's comfort of life.

Such as fat injection to the butt area, butt lift or butt prosthesis In surgeries, the patient should lie face down after the surgeries. should not be forgotten and planning should be done accordingly.

Fat injection procedures to the butt are generally combined with liposuction surgeries. done together. Liposuction of the fats to be used in fat injection Considering that it can be removed, it is imperative that the two surgeries be performed together.

In patients with sagging in the butt area, butt surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction done with the surgery. Stretching to the abdominal region, back waist 360-degree tummy tuck is performed by extending the is removed.

With the fats taken from the patient during this procedure, a more rounded appearance is achieved. can be given. Thus, at the end of the body shaping surgery, the patient may have a buttocks that has remained and gained volume.

In body shaping surgeries for patients who do not have enough fat in their body. butt prosthesis can be used. Whichever method is preferred, In body shaping operations including surgeries performed, patients are supine they should not sleep.

Therefore, it is important to plan the surgery well. In patients who cannot lie face down or in patients who should not lie face down due to a combination of surgery I use the BBL beds that we have made. In the butt area of ​​these beds there is a gap. In this way, even if the patient lies on his back, there is no pressure on the patient's buttocks. not coming.

What surgeries does body shaping cover?

Body shaping surgeries are performed on all body, arm and leg areas. includes surgeries. If you need to list from top to bottom, breast surgeries, arm liposuction and arm stretching procedures, body liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries, liposuction and thigh lift surgeries to the leg and buttock Surgical procedures to be performed are included in body shaping surgeries. Here, from person to person, which surgery will be done or can be done on which area. changes. In surgical combinations, the main target body regions are related to each other. is to achieve harmony.

What is local body shaping?

Local body shaping procedures are only part of the above-mentioned areas of the patients. These are surgeries in which local or general anesthesia is used for problems in one of them. The implementation is very likely to be successful if the p-granting condition exists. will not.

For example, local fats in the upper part of the inner leg It can be removed by vaser liposuction method under anesthesia. same operation knee It can be done in the local lubrication areas located in it. Again in the leg area With the Renuvion j plasma treatment to be performed against light skin sagging, that area Tightening is another example of local body shaping surgeries.

Against the local lubrication areas in the arms and abdomen areas, the local body Interventions can be made with shaping. Liposuction of fats in these areas Skin tightness can be increased with j plasma after it is taken with

What are body shaping applications?

Fat filling (Fat injection):

Fats taken from the body with liposuction are removed from certain processes. filling in order to give volume by passing and purifying They can be injected into other areas as a substance. Fat There are 3 parameters to be considered in the injection. These are where to get the fat, how to turn it into pure oil. and how to inject it into the appropriate area.

Post-injection in the body permanent fat from the area under the belly button and fat taken from the inner thigh. Body usually from these regions in shaping surgeries It is preferable to use the extracted fats.

With the appropriate liposuction method blood, tissue particles and There are fluids given during liposuction. all this substances are separated from the adipose tissue with the help of special filters. Then the prepared pure oil becomes injectable. It is passed through filters of different thickness to be brought to the

In this way, the fat becomes both liquid. and have different thicknesses. Purification of fat It is important that it comes into contact with the air as little as possible. There are closed systems specially planned for this purpose. Moreover The fats prepared before the injection are removed from the adipose tissue. with obtained stem cells or (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be enriched and their permanence increased.

In shaping surgeries prepared fats to the butt, breast, thicken the legs for the inner part of the below-knee region, more in male patients. chest, shoulders and arms for an athletic look. they can be injected.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty):

The most important of body shaping surgeries tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery tightening the area, making it look flatter and athletic. is an operation.

Women's tummy over time due to births or rapid weight gain sagging, cracks in the abdominal skin due to visible. These sagging and cracks formed indicates a deterioration in quality. Especially more than one no matter how much I lose weight in women who have given birth, We hear a lot of complaints like I can't get rid of it.

The most important reason for this abdomen that moves a little further apart during pregnancy muscles (rectus abdominis muscle) back to their original state is unable to turn (rectus diastasis). Therefore, tummy tuck abdominal skin that has lost its elasticity from surgery and it is necessary to focus on the separated abdominal muscles.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) the elasticity under the belly button in surgeries A more taut and smooth abdomen by removing the lost skin skin is obtained. Besides, separated abdominal muscles are connected to each other with special sewing techniques. closer to the formation of tight abdominal muscles is provided.

The most frequently asked question by our patients what happens to the belly button. The belly button is actually a It is a pit and is connected to the abdominal muscles from its base, so The location of the belly button does not change during the surgery, where the navel is separated from the skin around it skin of the abdomen after removal of excess skin while remaining an incision made just above the belly button It is taken out and adapted to the surrounding skin.

Arm lift (brachioplasty, arm lift):

Arm lift surgery in the upper part of the arm aesthetics for the removal of thickening and sagging is an operation. Depends on weight gain and aging increase in adipose tissue and excess skin in the upper arm region may occur. In some patients, only excess skin is seen, heaviness of the arm along with the increase in fat tissue in the arm and skin excess can be seen together. arm lift surgery It is an important part of shaping operations.

The patient has too much skin if there is an increase in fat tissue in the arm, arm lift (brachioplasty) surgery can be combined with vaser liposuction. vaser With liposuction, the adipose tissue accumulated in the arm is removed and Excess skin starts from the armpit and into the inner area of ​​the elbow. removed using an elongated elliptical incision.

In this way, both the arm thinning and more skin is removed. fat in arm With the removal of the excess, the weight of the arm decreases. As a result, the tension on the seam lines is reduced, which makes it more Provides good wound healing. The incision formed on the arm is inside the arm and It is relatively less common because it is located in the posterior region.

Not much skin and skin good quality, only those who complain of lubrication on the arm especially in young patients, only with vaser liposuction getting rid of the fat in this area and tightening the arm possible.

Vaser oils with ultrasonic effect with the effect of heat given while liquefying excess skin it tightens. Also, more skin to convert helium gas into plasma energy to tighten J plasma technology that turns and tightens the skin available. Due to the appropriate skin thickness, j It is very effective in the plasma arm.

Thigh lift:

Thigh lift surgery in body shaping surgeries after shaping the torso and abdomen It is a preferred operation. in the leg area fat and skin due to weight gain and aging redundancy can be seen.

These skin excesses are usually occurs in the thigh. In body shaping surgeries Only liposuction can be applied to the thigh area. Liposuction and thigh lift can also be done together.

Only in the inner thighs and knees liposuction into the thigh in patients with increased adiposity It might be enough to do. If the skin quality is good in these patients There is no excess skin. In addition, for these patients, J to these areas to increase skin tightness in the area plasma application can be made.

J plasma subcutaneously connective tissue under the skin with plasma energy it tightens. With this effect, the formation of excess skin is prevented and a more natural tight surgical result is obtained. is done.

Increased fat in the thigh area and in patients with skin excess liposuction and thigh lift are done together. In this surgery First, the leg is thinned by liposuction. After that Excess skin is removed with thigh stretching.

Mini Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction), high-def (high definition) liposuction:

Gaining weight or having an overweight body is modern It is one of the biggest problems of man. woman and man different body due to genetic and hormonal reasons. gains weight from the regions. Women usually lower abdomen, hips and while they gain weight from their legs, men's upper body and abdomen they gain weight from their area. Shaping in liposuction It is an integral part of surgery.

In recent years, oil-specific With the introduction of devices, liposuction has become a standard. It ceases to be a degreasing process and is a Shaping turned into an operation. Vaser is the most important of these devices. (ultrasonic liposuction) and PAL (power assisted liposuction) ) and Renuvion-j plasma methods.

In Vaser liposuction method Damage only to fat tissues using ultrasound waves is given. While adipose tissue becomes liquid, adipose tissue The surrounding veins, nerves and connective tissues are not damaged. In this way, less bruising and faster recovery after surgery. improvement is observed.

Fats melted by the Vaser method, In the PAL method, it is removed from the body with vibrating cannulas. is removed. The fat was removed with J plasma. By tightening the skin, the formation of excess skin is prevented. This In this way, the irregularities observed in the past after liposuction and the fluctuations in the skin are prevented.

Also known as Hi-Def or 4D close to normal weight in body shaping methods but patients with regional lubrication have a more athletic body structure is possible.

Body Shaping Aesthetic Prices 2023

Body shaping aesthetics prices vary according to the type of surgery to be performed. You can contact us immediately to get information about body shaping aesthetics prices 2023.

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